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The five immensely talented young men that compose this band are from different backgrounds and have different musical tastes, but when NATURAL comes together something incredible happens... a whole new sound in pop/rock music.

NATURAL spent the first half of 2003 doing promotions, performances, and press in Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe. In Japan, their album debuted at #5 on the charts, quite an achievement for a U.S. group. During this time the band has also been taking time to write and record new songs for their second album, due out first quarter 2004.

Now, with this international success behind them, Natural returns to the U.S. in a big way, with a brand new single on Trans Continental Records. The song, "What If", is an emotional power-ballad from the writing team of Nina Ossoff, Jodi Marr, and Richie Supa. It was Executive Produced by Lou Pearlman, and produced by Richie Supa and John Merchant for JMRS Productions. A new album is reportedly on the way as well!

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I've loved Natural ever since I first heard them doing "Put Your Arms Around Me", back in 2001. In 2003 I finally got the chance to see them live, at the Talent Rock talent search competition. I'll be adding more fun stuff here soon! For now, visit my friend Gail's Natural website. You can read Natural's full bio at this site for Trans Continental artists. MORE NATURAL LINKS. Lou Pearlman Louis J. Pearlman

Here's someone's Louis Pearlman tribute.

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